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Product development and design – R&D

“I have a great idea for a new product that will make a revolution in the ….”

How many times did you found yourself or one of your friends and family saying it?

Okay, so what I should do? What do I need to do in order to put this process on the move?

Let’s start with sourcing the right partner, the right partner should be an organization that will first provide you impartial consultancy. Rotel Product Engineering is here for you!

It is advisable to have the first take under a signed NDA, take a few moments to prepare this document, make sure to introduce it and have it signed, prior to disclosing your idea.

Rotel product engineering is a design house, focused on bringing your “idea into reality”. Signing on NDA is therefore for us a common practice.

At this stage, it is advisable to prepare a preliminary SOW (Statement of Work) document. The purpose of the document is to “put on paper”, all the relevant details which are relevant to your new product.

We at Rotel can help you to produce the SOW document in a manner that will best serve your interests as an entrepreneur.

We at Rotel will lead you safely, to the first major decision, which is the answer to the most critical questions: Is it a feasible idea? Is it a product that can be developed and produced with the amount of capital I dedicated to the project?

This is why Rotel is a suitable address for your questions. We at Rotel Product engineering, have the staff which combines the related expertise that can give the answers at the very beginning of the project, thus, can save you a lot of money, simply because we at Rotel understand that the most important thing is to “Ask the right questions at the correct time”.

This is the time to give us a call, we can be your starting point to your new idea and the home to make it from idea to product.


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